Vehicle Branding – Reach more for less!

Car branding has gained momentum in the modern-day marketing and advertising practice. The mushrooming of numerous players in every business sector has intensified competition. Only players willing to take their marketing strategies to a new level will get recognition in the market.

Gone are the days whereby someone is hired to randomly give out fliers to everyone passing by. This is exhausting for salesperson and annoying for the receiver who is not interested. People should carry out their day to day business without an irritable attitude.

Response from audience is significantly improved once a company or organisation decides to take the car branding route. Mr Takura Nyoni, a salesperson at a local food manufacturing company testified a positive response from targeted clients.

“This is my fourth year working where I currently am. Our way of operating as the sales team has constantly evolved so as to adjust to competition,” Mr Nyoni said.

“In an effort to strategically position ourselves in the market, we branded two of our vehicles.

” This has been the most satisfying decision we made as we no longer need to hunt clients down for survival. Our sales have tripled ever since I joined this company and I attribute this improvement to car branding,” he said.

This marketing strategy has proven to reach a wider audience. For as long as the vehicle’s branding is visible, it will attract as many potential clients as possible.

” I have lost count of the number of phone calls from clients who would have gotten our contact details from our vehicles,” said one company owner.

“It is our tradition to ask clients how they got to know about us. A larger percentage of them confirmed to have seen our vehicles,” she said.

Unlike erecting a billboard which needs companies that are financial giants, car branding is remarkably affordable.

A branded vehicle can generate anywhere between 30 000 to 80 000 views per day. Statistics further reveal that 91 percent of drivers notice advertising on vehicles and 35 percent take time to study the ad. These percentages do not include views by other road users such as passengers and pedestrians giving possibility of a lot more views.

It has a wider reach as it is not limited to one spot. A branded car in motion has a potential of reaching hundreds of thousands of people thereby making your brand familiar with the audience.

To attain competitive advantage, effective marketing strategies ought to be adopted and many have experienced positive transformation in their business due to car branding.


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