Web Design Trends 2021: The Report

As a result of all this upheaval and change that happened in 2020, the landscape is changing. Editor X, a web creation platform for designers, has recently launched a minisite covering the web design trends of 2021 — and it seems like the web is going to look very different than in recent years.

Screenshot of the first slide from the Shaping Design Web Design in 2021 report by Editor X
Web Design in 2021, an interactive report and showcase of changes coming to the digital screen this year.

The interactive report, published on Shaping Design, goes through dozens of examples of sites that try to come up with original and unexpected solutions. It’s not all just about the examples though. The showcase covers how designers live through the repercussions of the past year and share their insights into the future of screen design.

The entire experience has some hidden gems on its own, and it’s built on the Editor X platform. It comes complete with interactions and examples that showcase these upcoming trends. Let’s take a look at some of them in a bit more detail.

Your UI, By You

Consumers are often willing to provide some details about their preferences for the right kinds of personalized experiences. However, that requires brands and designers working for these brands to decide what those personalizations will be. Typically, it takes the form of personalized recommendations or messaging based on the visitors’ or customers’ histories with the website.

The web that’s customized to customer’s needs and preferences. That goes for accessibility and connection, but also for the look-and-feel. (Image source: Shaping Design Trends Report)

However, we might be expecting a slightly different layer of user experience coming up soon — interfaces that would adjust even more significantly based on user preferences. That goes not only for adjusting the dark/light mode, color themes, size and spacing of the text, reduced motion and accessibility in general.

Interfaces would change based on available connectivity (should we really load web fonts and parallax on a slow 3G connection?), device memory, but also personal interests and product preferences. And as a result, we are looking at interfaces that are becoming singular to each customer, reflecting their taste, style, and identity. As designers, we’ll go beyond designing design systems, and create a vibrant spectrum of experiences, one particular kind for every customer.

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